John Crow Farm is a pasture-based farm in Groton, Massachusetts. We raise grass fed sheep and cattle, alongside pastured pork and poultry.

We also grow acres of veggies that we used to call, "beyond organic." What we meant was that we use no chemicals on our land...just lime and manure. But recently a feller named Don Persons of the Baystate Organic Certifiers (, 845-542-7300) informed us that it is illegal for us to use the word "organic" at all. He says that to even say we are "beyond organic" implies that we are "organic." Nincompoop logic! We are NOT organic and would never want to suggest that we are. When the USDA says that "organic" farms may use all these chemicals, we are definitely NOT organic. Just to be clear.

There are a growing number of healthy veggie and meat options in Massachusetts. So why choose John Crow Farm? Because we are committed to farming practices that care for our animals and for the land. Because every product you eat from our farm has been raised and tended by hand. Because we provide high quality, nutritious food while being caring stewards of New England land and our community. From years of experience, we know that hand-grown vegetables and pastured meat tastes much better than the commercially produced equivalents. They are darn sure healthier for you. Our meat is grown locally, processed locally, then vacuum-packed and frozen. Within hours the product is in your hands.


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