Dog Glucosamine Supplements Are Perfect for Canine Joint Health

There are many pet owners who are very surprised when they learn that their dog has developed arthritis. They might have noticed that their dog had begun to not run like they use to or seems to be in pain and doesn’t seem to be happy anymore but the owner just thought it was the normal aging process that their animal is going through.

Inflamed joints

When they finally do take their pet to the vet, this is when they will find out that it is just inflamed joints or arthritis. The vet will tell you what to do about these problems and will probably give your dog a shot or medication for immediate relief. Fido will seem much better but in several weeks the symptoms might develop again.


This is when your vet will tell you about dog glucosamine supplements. Just as these types of supplements help joint problems for people who begin having joint problems in mid-life; they can be a “wonder” supplement for your dog. These supplements are a safe and natural way to get your pet back to his or her wonderful self. Soon your dog will be more playful, running, and more willing to climb stairs, to jump and go for walks with you as it is important to get your dog back to his daily exercises. Here’s the best guide about dog glucosamineI’ve found that explains it very well. It goes over the dosage, side effects, where to buy Nutramax Cosequin, other top brands, etc.

What to expect

Some of the effects will include:

  • Side effects that are rare
  • Has anti-inflammatory effect, which reduces joint pain
  • Improves the lubrication of the joints
  • Reduce or even eliminate the need for NSAIDS which reduces pain
  • Restores the health of joints naturally increases mobility

Try supplements

So, if you notice your dog not jumping up on the couch or just not getting any exercise at all due to what seems like some type of pain – take your dog to the vet for some immediate relief and then try some dog glucosamine supplements.


Even while glucosamine is the main ingredient in the supplements for joint health for your dog, there are other ingredients that also will increase how effective these dog joint supplements are. Chondroitin is one of the natural substances found in your dog’s cartilage and, is also put into the supplements. These substances together have even more beneficial effects on the joints of your dog.


Another substance is MSM which is another natural element that is able to help aid joint flexibility and also reduce inflammation and pain. Your vet will advise the dosage to begin the supplement with and when to reduce the dosage to your dog’s maintenance dose. It will probably take several weeks for the supplements to begin to show effects.

Your dog can stay on a joint supplement for the rest of her or his entire life and could possibly have a longer life due to being able to continue to get important daily exercise. So your dog will remain lean, happy and full of life for many years to come.